There seems to be an increased level of optimism around 2017 and what it will bring to people in their everyday lives.  This rings true for me and I hope for you...

2017 - a year of new beginnings

If you take a little time to observe the people in your daily life you may see sparks of hope, waves of optimism, even exuberance and excitement for what 2017 will bring.  I can certainly see it in many of my friends, contacts and others I follow in social media.

To give context I look back at 2016 and conclude it was a period of endings and changes, many of which were massive events in themselves.  This was evidenced by many high profile political events across Europe, the Middle East and USA.  It was further evidenced by several resignations of political leaders, by the passing of many celebrities, and was no doubt evidenced in unusual numbers of major change decisions being taken by people close to you.  If you relate to this you will understand that 2017 is a period of new beginnings.

With new beginnings comes hope, new opportunity, potential for change, new commercial and personal ventures, successes and failures.  What I feel is most exciting is the personal growth which can be borne out of change. 

New beginnings are happening in my life.  I have turned and committed my focus to my life's work. With the support of family and friends I now foster the passions closest to my heart.  I am resolved to helping the feminine rise for all people.  There is much to be done.

I will write for you as this journey unfolds. And I would truly love to hear what new beginnings have stirred for you in 2017, whether or not you have taken action.

The image is of a day spent in Beaujolais late in 2016, on one of the journeys which inspired me to embrace the coming changes.


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