How my spiritual journey can help you


You are a busy person seeking new information relating to your potential.  You may ask what more is there to life? Is this relationship the one? How to meditate? Is it safe to have a psychic reading? My Spiritual Journey provides a hub for non-denominational spiritual information to help you explore these questions and much, much more....

In this hub of information you will find regular blogs on topics such as;

  • meditation and gratitude
  • understanding and selecting crystals
  • chakras and auras
  • readings and channellings
  • energy and natural healing
  • horoscopes and astrology
  • guardian angels
  • past lives
  • and many other varied and related topics.

You can find out about events....

Our focus is to keep you informed of personal development events. Don't be surprised if we suggest an international event or two. Who knows, you might be ready for an overseas trip?

You are invited to become a public member....

This is available to you by simple email sign up. You will receive Elizabeth's Top 5 Resources and the How to Meditate guide to make it easy for you to get started.  You can take up public membership now by clicking on the Subscribe link in the right hand column.

Our promise to you....

We will provide information on a broad range of topics.  This will be done without personal prejudice as we do our best to give you many alternatives to consider. We ask you to understand you may find some topics do not resonate with you.  That is OK, you can choose which information is right for you.

We will do our absolute best to ensure the sources of information and Offers are of the highest integrity. We ask you to let us know if you find anything which is lacking in integrity or otherwise compromised.

We will continue our plans to develop My Spiritual Journey to a place where open discussion on any spiritual topic can occur in a secure area. We ask you to continue to support this site while we undertake the development.


Hi from Elizabeth ....


Welcome to My Spiritual Journey. I am truly honoured and excited you are here.

My Spiritual Journey comes to you from my heart and is the product of two things; my natural desire to help and my understanding that a busy life can be challenging in many ways.

My own spiritual journey started while I was working in the finance sector in Australia. Having attended University and worked alongside corporates such as Telstra and Ford Australia I found myself facing the challenges of life including parenting. In 2010 my family was at the teenage stage, I worked full-time, and filled many roles in my life. 

At this time I was presented with an unusual family problem which required some creative action. I decided to seek information on alternative topics. Frustrated by the challenges of finding the right information, I spent many hours searching for sources of integrity which provided my answers.

From these experiences I realised I could help others in their search for knowledge. My Spiritual Journey is brought to you as a result of my efforts combined with those of my beautiful friends.  We hope to assist you on your spiritual journey. I encourage you to use your discernment as you move forward, take what works for you and leave the rest. Trust your instinct as you go and be confident in your ability to know what's right for you.

I look forward to communicating with you in some way, and hope to meet you in person. Enjoy your spiritual journey as much as I enjoy bringing My Spiritual Journey to you.

Elizabeth Hargreaves, Facilitator

Reiki II

Certified Angel Card Reader

B. Bus (Bkg & Fin), Grad Dip (Acc)