2017 New Year's Eve Celebration


As you are about to move into a new year take a moment to reflect on the year that was, 2016.

And what a year it has been!  Don't you think it has been crazy in terms of celebrities leaving this life, instability in world affairs and unpredictable political situations?  I feel there has been an exceptional number of difficulties for many, many people, I wish it were not so.  Through all of this I have been one of the very fortunate ones. I can honestly celebrate many personal achievements, learnings and realisations.  Here's a short list;

  • I took the decision and action of leaving employment in Australia to follow my dream
  • relocated to London with my family and Indi the Poodle, intending to work in financial services
  • enjoyed reuniting with my extended family
  • travelled many times to other European bucket list locations
  • enjoyed the successes and embraced the challenges of my immediate family members as they settled into the new life
  • made new friends and kept old ones
  • improved my physical health
  • shifted my mindset from employment to self employment (overdue)
  • jumped into and soaked up new business lessons
  • explored the London scenes
  • got involved in a new support group (Paid to Be You Posse - Jennifer Kem is the bomb!)
  • am pumped for 2017
  • and feeling thrilled to be sharing all of this with my love and life partner Jeff

2016 has been truly massive and most rewarding for me.  It has set me up for an amazing 2017 ahead.  For all of this I feel a deep, deep gratitude.

Tell me, what can you celebrate about your 2016 year?  Making it through is your first great achievement.  Tell me more.....

Happy New Year



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