Don't you just love crystals? The pink ones in the pic are Rose Quartz, the crystal of the heart, or of Love.

Do you wish you could buy every crystal in the shop? You are not alone, but why is this?

Why do we find crystals irresistible?

The obvious attraction of crystals is the range of delightful colours and forms in which they grow. Coming from nature it is not surprising that every colour of the rainbow is represented along with many shades of these colours. Some are opaque so you can see fossils or even other crystals within them - I find this intriguing as it can represent life of prehistoric times as depicted by the mosquito in the Amber in Jurassic Park.

And then there is crystal jewellery. A great jeweller knows how to maximise the crystal's beauty. I have seen some amazing pieces in my travels, for example at Qi in Elsternwick, Melbourne. You might check out the website for some inspiration.

Consensus seems to be that crystals have vibrational properties. In my experience this is true, I have felt crystals' different vibrations as I hold them, some being more clearly felt than others. You might try this sometime, just allow yourself to feel how the crystal is, whether it's pleasant to you at that time, give it a chance to make you feel its energy, it might even convince you to take it home.

What feels right is determined by your needs at that moment. So say on your first visit to purchase crystals you loved amethyst or rose quartz and thought black tourmaline was a bit dark. This doesn't mean you will never like black tourmaline, it just means you needed amethyst or rose quartz at that time. And maybe next time you will be drawn to tourmaline. By the way, I have one of each of amethyst and black tourmaline at each of my doorways into my home. I use these for energy protection - a topic for another day.

So how would choose the crystal you need?

Let's say you have walked into an amazing shop full of crystal treasures and you want to buy the lot! I relate, this happened to me on more than on occasion. Assuming you are not ready to commit to a shopload of vibrational energies then you might try to narrow down what you need.

To understand the concept of your current need I use the parrallel of when your body seemed to need a certain type of food. Somehow you had a knowing you needed that certain food (for me this can be eggs) and once you had satisfied that craving all was well, your body no longer called for your attention. Well I think choosing a crystal has a similar feeling. First you may have an interest in looking at crystals generally, then maybe a fascination with a particular type, maybe clear or smokey quartz. Even when surrounded by many you may have a kind of knowing that a particular crystal is the right one for you. Again you could hold your chosen crystal to ensure it feels right for you. If it feels good then you might consider adopting the crystal, paying the merchant and taking it home. If you don't get that good feeling then it is not the one for you at this time.

If you are still wanting to buy the entire shop trust me, I know how you feel. This has been one of my greatest pleasures and biggest personal challenges. So much that one day, a few years ago, I refused to walk into an amazing shop which sells a huge range of crystals. I soooo wanted to walk in the door but I knew it would be another day of spending when it seemed I already had enough crystals - if there is such a thing as enough. I really had to draw on my willpower to protect the family finances.

Crystals are used in many different ways, some healers use them in session. Crystal grids are used to generate positive zones. Some of the ways I use crystals are; - I set an amethyst (purple) and a tourmaline (black) or obsidian (black) one each side of each door. Their job is to prevent negativity coming into my home and I happen to believe they make a big positive contribution - I sometimes sit with a large quartz (clear to white) when meditating. This seems to help me with clarity - If my husband becomes "stuck" at work he chooses to takes either a Tiger Eye (blue or reddish brown) or a Citrine (orange) crystal in his pocket. He has successfully turned around his situation in a short time by taking this approach. There are so many ways to use crystals, if you feel you wish to try something and it seems the right thing to do then I recommend you do so. Be guided by your heart.

Crystals are most effective if they are cleansed regularly, particularly if they are used for signficant work. One method is to set them into sea water for a while. Note that some crystals dissolve in water so do your research first. If sea water is not accessible for you then you could do as I do. I put all of my crystals outside on the night of the full moon. This is a favourite ritual of mine, I love to see them the next morning, sometimes covered in dew, other times shining brighter than the night before. If neither of these methods suits you then a simple internet search will give you other methods of cleansing.

I will do another post on crystals in future, if you would like to have all of my future posts sent to your Inbox please just go to the "Join us" box on our Home page. Happy crystal hunting.



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