Liberation is the act of liberating. Liberating is making you feel free and able to behave as you like. In a world of increasing societal and institutional controls you can feel less and less liberated.  Do you wish to be liberated? Should you be responsible for taking action to liberate yourself? Is it even possible?

The purpose of this series is to explore areas in which you can reclaim your free spirit, your free thought and still be an effective contributor in the modern corporate model in this capitalist world.  This series is based on my experience and opinions and is intended to provide new ways for you to review and challenge your own beliefs, your conscious bias and your unconscious bias.  

Liberation is a mindset

You know you are a product of nature and nurture, your genetic make-up and your experiences.  You can remember some of the many teachings of parents and friends, schools, peers, employers, even strangers who influenced your attitudes and behaviors during your formative years and beyond.  Those lessons combined to form your experiential history.

What if the your lessons taught you to behave in ways which were serving the agenda of someone else and at your expense, whether intentional or not?  Were your lessons right for you?  Would you be a better version of You if you were able to unlearn some of those teachings?  Indeed who would you be if some of your experiences were reversed, countered or otherwise undone?  Such questions can open many more lines of enquiry.  Do you dare to explore further to find out who you really are underneath your conditioning?

Why would you try to get to the bottom of who you are?  Because therein lies what really matters to you, what are your fundamental values, beliefs, non-negotiables.  With deep exploration and frank conversations with yourself you will find your reason for being, the purpose of your life, what makes your heart sing, what brings you greatest satisfaction.  

Knowing your reason for being is one thing while acting on it another.  We understand that to do what we love is a basic tenet of living well.  And what we love is generally aligned with our reason for being.  Yet often there is a considerable disconnect between our hopes and the realities of living.  People suffer severely if this disconnect is too great.  Many fall into the abyss which we call rock bottom, some of us climb out and prosper, some do not.

There is currently a movement in the world towards living on purpose.  Perhaps it is a natural evolution of the societies of our species.  Perhaps it is because the capitalist model is failing so many.  No doubt technology is a significant contributor to this shift. Whatever the reason or trigger it is apparent more and more individuals are asking themselves what is the meaning of their life.  To varying degrees they are taking actions on their discoveries.

Why do this and why now?  Because you can make a difference for yourself and others by sharing your natural talents, knowledge, viewpoints.  Some would argue the timing is explained in astrology.  Coincidentally, I began writing this post before my friend Henry Seltzer issued his latest astrological in which he spoke on the topic of acting now.  It would be remiss of me to not share this paragraph tonight;

The new planet Eris, beyond Pluto, can be characterized as a spiritual warrior energy for soul intention.  With Eris and Pluto both emphasized in this dynamic First Quarter Moon configuration, .... , the timing is right as this decade draws to a close to stand up and be counted for whatever it is that you most deeply believe.  This is no matter what the consensus viewpoint might be, and no matter the implicit sacrifices involved.  Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who protested national policy along the lines of Black Lives Matter by "taking the knee" during the national anthem is a good example of this.  Agree with his viewpoint or not, we all have to admit that he showed the courage of his convictions by so doing.  Then there's Standing Rock.  In a similar way, it is up to each and every one of us right now to make that kind of statement for whatever it is that we can discover as our bottom line.  It is your unique viewpoint that is thus expressed, independent from the crowd, and yet the paradox is that as you find your own voice you wind up contributing in an important way to the evolution of the society that surrounds you."

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Liz Hargreaves is Founder of Authentic Advancement, Thought Provocateur, and Mentor to professionals who seek new and creative ways to deliver extraordinary leadership.


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